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The film industry, being well known for its unpredictability and challenges didn't intimidate Chantal. On the contrary, she managed to take it all in her stride as she knew the experience would be priceless, from her very first day on set. Following this great opportunity, Chantal became a regular fix on a number of series and movies filmed in Malta: blockbusters which included 'Troy' (WB), 'Munich' (Steven Spielberg) 'Agora' by Alejandro Amenabar ('The Others'). On the set of Agora, Chantal was carefully instructed on how to use the 'Lay-on-Hair' method, under the supervision of the Italian makeup artist Matteo Silvi, and proved to be a natural. Besides that, she was also able to come up with her own concoction of putty makeup, that ranged from a number of shades, which the production used as 'dirtying down' makeup throughout filming for the crowds, and stunts.

She was equally devoted to a number of medium-budget projects such as 'Lord Byron,' 'Roman Mysteries' (BBC), 'Blackbeard: the Real pirate of the Caribbean' (Dangerous Films Ltd), 'Man of East' (Russian T.V. series), 'Commisario Rex' (Italian T.V. series) ,and 'Fort Ross ( Russian film). In Los Angeles, she also worked on a small feature movie called 'PrettyRose Bud' (Oscar Torre).

When not taking on film work, Chantal keeps herself busy with two things; freelance makeup, and traveling the world working on superyachts. Her freelance makeup jobs have included music videos: for local and foreign artists, dance shows, ballet performances,theater, including the Common Wealth show presented to the Queen of England in November 2005. She's worked on local TV sets, fashion and featured events, all genres of photo shoots as well as weddings. She's spanned makeup work from Malta to Italy, Miami to L.A.

Thanks to her yachting jobs, Chantal was able to slip in makeup work around different parts of the world were she was able to work with and learn from global learned makeup artists, photographers, and camera people . It is this that has kept her abreast with new insights and knowledge of the latest trends and products in the world at large and this that makes her an invaluable commodity within her field.

Knowing her journey has just started and with a resolute passion in excelling throughout the film world, Chantal recently set her eyes on furthering her studies in Special Effects Makeup. There was only ever going to be one option - Hollywood. It was in Cinema Makeup School (LA) that she attended the Master Class: covering everything from Beauty makeup to Theater makeup, Prosthetics to Special Effects and Bald Caps to Old Age; DFX, and Creature Maquette courses. Needless to say, she graduated with excellent grades, and impeccable attendance.

Having tackled the world of film,stage and fashion makeup for the majority of her life, Chantal is considered to be a season professional notwithstanding her young age. She has recently finished prosthetic work on the first Maltese feature film to be internationally shown : 'Simshar'. Here Chantal had to design and create waterproof and resiliant prosthetics for the four main actors who's boat explodes and then are lost at sea on a tiny raft for a few days. Earlier this year she designed and performed detailed character make-up on the short film 'A Tuna Can Philosophy'. Both are still in post production.

In the last three months, Chantal has also worked on a Documentary /Drama: 'The Whale', for the BBC, as well as another local short film 'Shab'. On 'The Whale', Chantal executed extensive prosthetic and character make-up on a number of UK actors. Again chanllenged by the fact the the prosthetics needed to be as waterproof and resiliant as possible given the amount of sea and rain scenes scheduled. Creating makeup for characters lost at sea is always a challenging project, as all the makeup work needs to look extreemly real, and there is no space for little cheats. 'Shab' was four very full filming days in Gozo, where Chantal had to create an old, withered man who longed for his passing wife.

Besides all the heavy prosthetic work, Chantal enjoys fashion projects too. In December 2012 and early January 2013, she applied make-up for a short fashion video 'Fugue' , which is now featured on the official selection page of La Jolla Fashion Film Festival and nominated for 'best director' & 'best cinematography' at the International Fashion Film Awards . Chantal is an absolute lover of all art forms and she feels ecstatic when creating, changing, contouring and making things look a different way to what they really are through her unique point of view. She believes we are all armed with the power of collective imagination, and thus feels exhilarated with the talent we all seemingly share to flood our work with talent and creativity. With a point of view like that, the sky really is the limit.

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