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Marcelle Genovese

Chantal Busuttil has worked for me on Troy as a makeup artist for the crowd, were she proved to be very hard working, willing to learn and very responsible. Herjob consisted of dirtying down, covering tattoos, scars and laying on facial hair and putting on lace beards.

I would recommend Chantal because apart from her hard work and energy on the job she is a very nice and caring person.

Jutta Russell

I employed Chantal Busuttil as Daily Make-up Artist back in 2005 on a TV Drama called 'Blackbeard', starring James Purefoy (BBC1 and 8 other European TV stations). This show was mainly shot in Malta in the Mediterranean Film Studios.

Chantal was part of the Maltese work-force.I found that Chantal was very pleasant to be with and carried out all tasks in a conscientious manner. It was great to have her on board.


Chantal was employed by Warner Bros.... applying crowd makeup for 'Troy'. She proved to be a valuable member of our team. Chantal was always punctual and used her initiative both in the make-up room and on set. I was always happy with her performance and would not hesitate in recommending her to any future employer


...excelled in all of her classes. Her ability to learn and then apply what she learned was exceptional from the beginning.Beacause of her abilities, professionalism, and intelligence, I can safely say I recommend Chantal Busuttil with full confidence.


I met Chantal for the first time on the set of Troy, and I was immediately struck by her work. I remember her to be the one working more than any one else and gave her absolute most in everything she had to do.

The second time I worked together with Chantal was on the film Agora. This time round I had the opportunity of working with her closely and I was impressed with her skill, and ability in makeup. As far as makeup was concerned on Agora, it entailed extensive beard work: on the actors, extras and featured extras. At the beginning of the project Chantal didnt have much experience with the 'Lay-on Hair' technique. She learnt at an incredible pace and reached amazing results. I was the one responsible with the beard work on set, and Chantal was the person I was most confident in and trusted for the job.

I have no doubt that Chantal will go a long way in the makeup industry and from my experience I can vouch that she has great ability.









Chantal was one of my students and to say the least.....She definitely stood out! She is a natural with a make up brush in her hand and has a beautiful heart to match her talent. Sure to be one of the most outstanding make up artists out there today!

Christalee : Celebrity Make Up Artist and Make Up Instructor for Cinema Make Up School


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